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<MadiLoves> Setting: Gathering Island

<MadiLoves> Weather: Afternoon, grey skies, light drizzle, fog

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm laid behind the Highrock in the Gathering Island's clearing, finding shade from the sun there where he could think and get some things off his mind. Or just add to them, which he'd done by accident, and he was now more annoyed with the world than when he began. His ears pricked as he thought he heard someone approaching, peaking out of his hiding spot to see who it was.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw slipped through the entrance of the clearing and looked around at her surrounding and she grinned with excitement. The little apprentice then spotted other apprentices and warriors and her grin grew wider. Glancing up at her mentor, she looked at him, using her eyes to ask for permission to see the other apprentices. She didn't want to leave her mentor if she wasn't allowed to and she didn't want to leave him and be rude. Wishpaw then glanced back at the other cats and her urge to go meet them grew even stronger and her tail twitched quickly with excitement. Wow, my first gathering!! Wishpaw said to herself with a large grin still plastered on her face.
*and then Rainbow proceeded to realize that this wasn't an actual gathering, but the post still counts

<RoseTheLeafeon> Aurorapaw was sitting in the rain, allowing the wet droplets to soak his pelt. He flicked his tail, letting the small droplets splash onto the ground. He smiled at a passing cat, to show he wasnt mad the slightest bit. He enjoyed this if anything. He blinked his blue-green eyes, wondering how he even got here.

<SkylineStars> RG: Raggedgaze stepped forward and squarely planted his haunches in the soil, damp from precipitation earlier this morning, and watched over the apprentices pile in and talk with each other. The rain hit his fur and matted it far worse than it was before, and stood from his spot to find an adequate amount of cover. The orange-yellow sky stood brooding overhead; various birds chirped and turned in for the night. Feeling the slight breeze ruffle his fur and chill him to the bones, the tom took shelter behind the gathering rock and huffed down. ‘Damn rain.’ He sighed to himself.

<KamiLia-Blossom> spotpaw layed in the bushes not far from the highrock. dropplets on water dripped on her pelt. not that she seemed to mind, nothing seemed to bother her at the moment. After various "games" she had grown extremely sore, bones feeling as if they would break at any point. dried blood stained the floor below her from her new wounds. she hoped she could hide this like all others. the presence of other cats stoped her thoughts, 'Dammit, not now...'

<K-1-L-L> Squirrelpaw was hopping along in the gathering place, care-free of the drizzle of droplet upon her pelt. She had a warm smile marking her muzzle as she managed to gaze through the fog. The apprentice's mint green eyes were glowing through the thick blanket of fog. Squirrelpaw finially padded to a spot a soft on the leaf covered ground to sit.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm raised his head and swiveled it to look at the tom that was also taking shelter from the rain, a tom who had seemingly not noticed him there. He flicked an ear as he wondered whether he should say something or not, but then just sighed silently, feeling more drained from interaction lately than happy about it. So much changing in such little time.. He didn't want to think about it. "Hey buddy, you flopped on my time." he announced, feeling like he should at least get his own limb back if he was going to get up and storm off at some point anyway.

<RedLumas> Squish, squash, squish, went the ground underneath Snowburn’s paw as he made his way to the gathering island. Even though the rain was light, it was constant. “Ah.” He stopped for a moment and looked up at the sky. He closed his eyes and let the rain soak into his fur and onto his hot scar. “The rain always feels so good. ------- Bloodpaw grumbled as he may his way to the Gathering Island for a little “me time.” Despite Bloodpaw loving water he hated rain like this. He was always so cold after a rain fall, and he hated the cold. “Why did this have to happen now?” Bloodpaw scrunched up his face and looked for some shelter.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw then just padded to one of the sides of the clearing, hoping to relax from her chores, and just as she was about to sit down, she tripped and fell forward. OH SHI- Before she could finish the sentence, her chest and face connected to the ground and she tumbled. That hurt.... Wishpaw thought, whimpering slightly as her chest began to sting slightly, and she scrambled to her paws and rubbed her head, whimpering quietly again.

<SkylineStars> RG: “Hmm?” Mumbled Raggedgaze, lifting his head to the tom speaking towards him, with tired eyes. ‘Swiftclan.’ The tom thought to himself. Standing up to tower over the Swiftclan warrior, Raggedgaze bellowed, “What was that?” He felt intimidating and hoped his ploy worked out.

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw's pelt prickled unwillingly, the dribbling rain dappled him gently as he stared at the Gathering Island from the other side of the river, he narrowed his indigo optics in curiosity as many different scents filled the air around it. He began to bound across the rocks thoughtlessly, reaching the other side with only water from the sky in his pelt. His large paws carried him through the bushes and trees, trailing to the massive clearing, he looked around, there were many other cats scrambled for shealter, but Wyvernpaw's thick medium length fur kept him warm despite how damp it was, besides, like his father, the cold bothered him none, likely to do with his distant long-lost Scottish heritage from his grandfather Silent Steps. He noticed Wishpaw and Squirrelpaw, maybe now was his time to finally take a lean for she-cats, so he sat down in the wet grass, chest puffed out proudly while his fur clung to his handsome strong build, 'let the ladies come to you, Wyvern,' he thought to himself with a smug look.

<K-1-L-L> Squirrelpaw looked over to spot Wyvrenpaw. She has not yet talked to him. Maybe today was a great start! The russet she-cat jumped over to him. "Hey Wyvrenpaw!" The apprentice squeaked happily in a greeting. She hopes to become friends with the tom.

<RPmasterX> Kk )) Basilstorm watched the tom pick himself up, towering over him whether the SwiftClan warrior was standing or not. He just began to glare as he bellowed at him, not feeling like being yelled at right now. Or anytime soon either. He curled his tail towards himself as he hissed at the other tom, "I said, you flopped on tail. Thanks for getting the fuck off." Usually the calico tom wasn't so insensitive and eager for a fight, but he couldn't help himself right now, needing some way to distract himself from recent events in his normal life. Despite being focused on the FuryClan tom he picked up the scent of another Furyclanner, one he knew, and he crooned his neck to see Wyvernpaw.

<RoseTheLeafeon> Aurorapaw spotted wyvernpaw from across the clearing. He believed it as a new oppertunity, and began to make his way to the tom. Once he saw that squirrelpaw had beat him to the tom, he sat back down. He could make new friends later, he guessed.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw, after recovering from the fall, looked around, still rubbing her head and she sighed. That was embarrassing..... She thought, curling up in a ball and watching the other cats with her pale blue eyes. Just let them come to you Wishpaw.. She told herself, hoping someone would come and chat with her. She didn't want to be alone and Phoenixstar wasn't here and she didn't have anything to do but watch everyone.

<hail19> The small grey she-cat looked around, her eyes dull as the rain drizzled down and touched her fur. She didn't care if her fur was wet, all she heard was noise coming from the gathering island which she was getting close to. It was hard to tell what cats were there, scenting that it was a mixture of clans. Frecklepaw sighed as she slowly made her way through the bushes and stared at all the cats who seemed to be chatting among themselves. Why were they here today, it wasn't a gathering was it? The apprentice shook her head, throwing away those dumb thoughts. Her paws dragged her foward, sticking to the shade as she looked at all the cats. Swiftclanners..maybe a few Dewclanners some Umbreclanners, the one thing that made her fur rise on her shoulders was the scent of Furyclanners, She sighed and sat down by herself, her pale eyes flicking around the island.

<K-1-L-L> Dovedreamer was watching from a branch high in a tree. It was his usual resting spot since the scarlet war. He even made a small nest there. His teal gaze was dull with misery on how bussy and disappointed day. It was different without Jewelblaze next to him. He also wasn't sure on the rest of his family. He knew his mentor hated him because of his father for some unknown reason. However, he wasn't getting wet. Finally good new for him, because this old tall tree's leaves kept him safe from the drizzling droplets

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw looked over to her, he gave her a friendly smile, "Hello, Squirrelpaw," he replied, he could hear whispering in his ear, wretched and knarled sounding voices telling him something, 'She dislikes flirts, and is already swinging for Jewalblaze? I suppose I will have to sway her love for him, other then that, I'm not in the mood to put effort into a relationship,' he rolled his eyes. The tom turned his gaze away from Squirrelpaw as if he had more important things to do, his scanning catching three cats, Frecklepaw, Wishpaw, and Aurorapaw. He narrowed his gaze at Frecklepaw, she was practically a puppet to the shadows, Wishpaw was the opposite and her aura was glowing with Shines, Aurorapaw had no side to take and seemed more like a Shine sided cat, Wyvernpaw wasn't in the emotional state for anymore drama as of recent.

<KamiLia-Blossom> with so much rustling, Spotpaw creaned her neck to see what the commotion was about. in the distance she could see cat aprroavhing wyvernpaw, an apprentice she didnt real know that well. she tried talking with him before but that obviously failed. she still didnt understand why everyone pratically ran his way, must be his suitors or something. Tge brown she cat sighed in relief to see no one noticed her there, standing up the groom her matted furr.
<K-1-L-L> Dovedreamer saw the tom and leaped down from his tree. It was a good entrance since it seemed like he was falling from the sky. The tom smiled ever so slightly. Currently he was on a Neutrual side, not good, nor bad. But it seems he is slowly being dragged to the shadows. His teal gaze was filled with the dullness of despair from his family's betrayal and from him losing trust in them.

<RedLumas> “I just want this fucking rain to stop soon.” Bloodpaw muttered to himself. Then the young tom started to cross some rocks that connected Swiftclan to the island. As he was crossing he noticed that the rocks were extremely slippery but the apprentice continued regardless. When he reached the end he lost his footing and slipped. Bloodpaw did a face plant into the mud at the base of the rocks; this covered his entire face, chest, and front legs in mud. “FOX DUNG!”

<K-1-L-L> Squirrelpaw jumped at Dovedreamer's arrival, she tended to hop away. She hopped over to Wishpaw, a smile remarked her muzzle once again. She hopped over to the black-and-white she-cat. 'Heyo there!" She mewed to the other she-cat. Squirrelpaw wanted to make as many friends as possible. It was her usual nature to do so.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw perked her ears and she saw a tom slip in the mud, and was covered in mud. Should i go help him? She asked herself, before getting up and padding over to the tom till she noticed she, herself, was covered in mud from her fall but ignored it. "U-Um... Do you need help?" She asked, a look of concern on her face.
<RedLumas> “W-What?!” Bloodpaw said looking up as the she-cat that came over to him, face covered in mud, and a grumpy look on his face. “Well…” Bloodpaw paused for a seconded and tried to get up but then just fell again. “Maybe a help up?”

<SkylineStars> RG: Letting down his tough guy act, Raggedgaze spoke more gently to the warrior, “Oh sorry. Guess I’m getting old at hearing, sorry there, uh…” The Furyclan tom tried to recall the cats name but failed in his attempt. Raggedgaze sat down and licked through his fur diligently, trying to untangle the many of incurable knots. Glancing up, he noticed Wyvernpaw, the young Casanova making his attempt. ‘My how I remembered those days.’ The thought ran constantly through his head, drawing up memories of his time as a kitten.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw squeaked and jumped, startled at his tone before she collected herself again. "Sure~" She said, before she padded over to the toms side and began to push him up to his paws. After a moment of helping the tom and seeing him on his paws again, Wishpaw stayed close just in case he were to fall again and would be prepared to catch him again so he wouldn't hurt himself. "Okay, can you stand now?" She asked, worried that he will fall again.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm noticed all of the she-cats standing around his FuryClan friend and almost growled but he passed that off as already being upset, nothing to do with Wyvernpaw or anyone at this certain area. He looked back up at the tom above him as he quit trying to pick a fight as well, letting the calico tom flatten his fur. "It's fine, just don't do it again please.. I already hurt my tail once and you're not very light." he mewed, trying to watch his tongue for the most part. Now that the other calmed down he didn't mean anything in a bad way, more like a factual one. His green eyes looked over the tom's tangled fur and made a slightly displeased sound, hauling himself up to sit. "You're never going to get all of those out by yourself, ya know." he noted aloud, wondering if the other would be a good distraction for a while.

<SkylineStars> RG: The tom let out a hearty laugh and turned to warrior with a smile and apologetic nod, “Oh yes I know I’ll never get them out by myself but what’s the harm in trying?” Raggedgaze turned to go back to licking and detangling the fur, with a neutral expression. “What is your name again, young one?” He asked out of the blue.

<RedLumas> “Thanks” Bloodpaw’s attitude calmed down to make him sound greatful; which is what he was. Bloodpaw walked over to the slow flowing river that was around the island and hopped in. The water washed all the mud off immediately, only a very minimal amount of grooming was necessary. He walked out of the river and stood there dripping wet. “My name’s Bloodpaw.” The orange tom said as the water seemed o slide off of his body.

MadiLoves Wyvernpaw directed his attention to Frecklepaw, he picked himself up to all fours and trotted over to where she sat sheltered from the rain (?). The white and silver tabby tom knew much about this cat, and according to the Shadows, his father Phoenixstar had warned Frecklepaw about Wyvernpaw's abilities, so he must be weary with her. He rose from his slouched bound to a more firm and tall stance, "Good afternoon, Frecklepaw," he bowed his head politely, 'She is intelligent, so she likes those who are also intelligent. She has a significant Shadow dubbed Grinny, who is a bit of an outcast to the other Shadows, huh, I guess they make good friends considering she herself is an outcast,' he narrowed his eyes in thought as he inwardly spoke to himself.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw sighed of relief before she finally decided to take notice of her muddy fur and she got in the water real quick to wash the mud off before she scrambled out of the water. Hearing the tom say his name was Bloodpaw, Wishpaw managed to put up a smile. "I'm Wishpaw~ Its nice to meet you~" She said politely, her pale blue eyes observing the tom. Judging by his sent, well, what she could pick up, he might have been a dewclanner or swiftclanner. But her eyes widened when she slipped on the mud again and slid down into the water again. FUCK!!! She thought with anger and embarrassment. Wishpaw choked slightly from the water before she managed to surface. Mom is not at all proud of me for using that word... The little she-cat thought.

<SkylineStars> “I’m Raggedgaze.” He said to Basilstorm, and went back to work. While he was working the tom felt small tugs on his fur and glanced down. The rain obscured his view slightly, as he noticed a peculiar sight. Feeling a bit odd, Raggedgaze’s expression changed from shocked to relieved then to graditude, at Basilstorm helping with his fur. “I don’t mind, it’s just I haven’t had anyone help with this rag since I left my mother and sister. They were sticklers for cleanliness.” As he confided a bit into his past, Raggedgaze moved to block the smaller, calico cat from the drizzle and plopped down. “I’ve met one of your Clanmates the other day. Her name was Shimmerstep? You know of her?” Raggedgaze asked, looking back up at Basilstorm with inquiring eyes.

<hail19> Her dull and emotionless gaze looked up at the apprentice and slowly narrowed her eyes. So he came to chat, eh? He must know a lot about her by know, she didn't like it. The apprentice sat up straight and stared at the Furyclanner, she despised all Furyclanners, and that meant she despised a small part of herself.
"Hello.." she replied, trying not to hiss or lay a claw on the tom. What did he want from her, she knew exactly, to mess with her because he knew almost everything about her.

<RedLumas> Bloodpaw laughed when Wishpaw slipped back down the hill. He trotted down after her and helped her back up; getting himself all muddy again too. “Well it’s nice to meet you Wishpaw.” Bloodpaw’s tone was bubbly again and he didn’t seem to notice the rain anymore.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm nodded and continued to tug at the knots in his fur until the tom moved, now being at his side instead of in front of him. He laid on his side a bit so that it was still easy to mess with his matted fur as they spoke, ear perking as he heard the name. "I don't know of any Shimmersteps in my Clan, but there is a Summerwish. Shimmerstep would happen to be in DewClan." he mewed, looked at him with interest.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw blushed with embarrassment as she was pulled out of the water. "Thanks~" She said, smiling at Bloodpaw. "I hate rain.... I hate mud too." She grumbled. "Sorry for getting you muddy again!" She said, guilty that she had gotten the large tom muddy again from her fall. After making sure she was safe from slipping again, the little she-cat wished that she was back at home, in her soft nest, sleeping through the rain. Well, the rain isn't that bad.. She thought before she slipped once again but quickly caught herself. "That was close..." She said quietly, looking back at Bloodpaw.

<SkylineStars> “Well fuck if I’m getting old as hell.” Raggedgaze said aloud, again apologizing for his mistake and continuing to let Basilstorm pick through the course brown mat which is referred to as his fur. “Well Basilstorm, seen any girls that catch your eyes?” The tom winked at the younger warrior and let out a sly smile.

* MadiLoves The rather happy and optimistic whisper of the Shadow that sat next to her said 'She doesn't like you' with a little snicker, he favored the form of a cat with a creepy grin. Wyvernpaw guessed this was Grinny, and he was corrected that it was indeed him when another Shadow murmured in his ear that this was true, e turned his attention back to Frecklepaw, "I hope you don't mind my company," he said as he turned to sit by her, looking up at the dull sky, he flashed his gaze to see that the darkness was all over the clearing, but the shining was as well, he cringed a little at the scent they brought, but as soon as he blinked again, they were gone, just as Phoenixstar had told Frecklepaw. Wyvernpaw glanced at her, if she was smart, she would realize that when he blinked twice it meant he was observing the shadows or shines in a cat.

<RPmasterX> First Basilstorm was amused by his language, always thinking cursing should only be used for joking or emphasis. Then he heard him mention anyone catching his eye, which just made his ears lower in embarrassment and a blush come to his face. Thankfully he had dark fur to mostly hide the blush. "Yeah, there's a couple girls, and uh.." he trailed off, gaze flicking to the last place he had seen Wyvernpaw, not knowing where he went since he hadn't been keeping track. He shook off the thought and went back to tugging at knots. "And yeah, just a couple she-cats.." he muttered, voice dripping with embarrassment.

<SkylineStars> CP: Stepping into the clearing a bit late, Cloverpaw surveyed the area of the gathering camp. ‘I can’t believe Brokentune let me come here with Furyclan.’ She thought to herself, digging her sharp claws into the dampened earth, feeling the rain hit her white fur. Shaking herself clear of any water, the apprentice almost toppled over from the heavy shake, and peeped around to make sure she didn’t mess up her first impression on anyone. Still having clumps of medicine stuck to Cloverpaw’s fur, the she-cat let the water clean her.

<hail19> The she-cat sighed and looked away, she had no choice but to let him talk to her, she knew he wouldn't leave her along which was pretty messed up. Staring into other cats and learning all of their secrets were messed up, but at the same time interesting. As much as she hated him and his father, she wanted to know more about his special ability. Frecklepaw slowly lifted up her head to look at the bigger tom, she gave a sigh before looking ahead, not sure if she should speak or not. No matter how many cats surrounded, she always felt lonely unless she was next to Sharpsoul or dreaming and exchanging words with Grinny. Everyone in reality was nothing to her, just a speck of dust, "So what do you want," she muttered, finally speaking.

<SkylineStars> RG: Picking up hints from the tom, Raggedgaze raised his eyebrows and then his voice, “Wyvernpaw you better stop pissing around with others before I castrate you!” Feeling proud of himself, the tom turned towards to Basilstorm to gather his reaction.

<RedLumas> He smiled at Wishpaw, the small she-cat reminded him of his younger brother. “Let’s go get out of this rain…” Bloodpaw looked up really quickly then looked back down at Wishpaw, a bit of mud on his nose too.

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw threw mental darts at Raggedgaze and grinned as the Shadows told him things about the brown tom, "My father would kill you if he heard you say that, or maybe he'll kill Shymoth instead," the final part he lowered his voice with as he didn't want to start a fight with a the brute, "He has a massive ego," he leaned to whisper to Frecklepaw, "He believes his better then all others, that's what you call a full out asshole," the apprentice snickered to the shorter UmbreClanner.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm then blushed deeply, red covering his cheeks as he quickly looked over the tom and spotted Wyvernpaw, hoping he didn't see him as he hid behind the bigger warrior. "No, no! I didn't mean-! Well, I did but- Why would you do that, now he thinks I'm gossipping about him." he muttered quickly and mostly to himself, not really getting a full sentence out under he covered his head with his paws in mental agony. Aaand your chances are officially shot down, Basil..

<hail19> The apprentices eyes looked at Wyvernpaw and then at the foolish tom who had yelled at him, "I can tell, he thinks he better then everyone because he's a warrior and he makes himself believe he is strong when he really isn't, he's just like everyone else," she replied, narrowing her eyes a tad. She knew he knew almost everything about her, but she didn't want him to take her as a fool, "But lets get off this stupid topic, we don't need to be talking about cats who don't matter to the world, so tell me, what secrets do you know about me so far?" She asked, looking away from the tom so she didn't have to see the emotions flickering through his mind and the expressions on his face.

<SkylineStars> RG: His bright face turned into a glare as he heard what Wyvernpaw had to say. “True, but then again you could get more bonus points for him. He loves to gossip himself.” Raggedgaze turned to Basilstorm and spoke with a gentle face but a cold voice.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw chuckled and nodded. "Okay~" She said before she began to pad towards some shelter near by. She then found a bush under a large tree and it seemed it was in good condition. She then padded over to it and she observed it for a moment before she grinned. Yep, it was perfect to get out of the rain. Before she took cover under it, she stopped and waited patiently for Bloodpaw to follow her.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm lowered his head onto his paws as the other tom got up and told him he had to be home again, then taking off towards FuryClan once more. The Swiftclanner sighed, now being alone again but feeling as annoyed as before everyone else had gathered. He looked around wondering who he could talk to. There's Wyvernpaw but.. ...

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw looked back to Frecklepaw, he drifted his gaze off into the distance as he thought, "Uhhh, well I know you're in love with Sharpsoul, I know you don't favor my father but that's obvious, I know you like flowers and honey and you dislike crowds and those who are unintelligent," he turned back to look at her, his gaze narrowed, thus, he blinked abruptly three times, looking up to the dark pitch-black cat who sat next to her, suddenly, Grinny looked a little threatened, "I know Grinny is an outcast of the Shadows, so they didn't tell him what I'm about to tell you. The Shadows wanted to kill you mother in a fox attack after you became a warrior so they could make you more loyal to them," he said, finally meeting her gaze again, he was no longer grinning or being playful, he was stoic and serious, but his tone low enough to ensure nobody else could hear him.

<RedLumas> Bloodpaw followed the small she-cat, purposely lagging to get a good look at her. ‘wow she’s cute.’ He thought to himself. Soon enough Bloodpaw joined her under the shelter, once he was out of the rain his body shivered violently. “woah” The large tom said and smiled. “Guess I was colder than I thought.

<hail19> Shivers were sent up her spine as he spoke, she really hated the shadow right now. Those jerks telling him almost everything about her. It wasn't fair and it wasn't right, she shook her head and sighed. She turned to looked at the tom and saw how serious he now was. She really didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. "I would eat honey everyday if I could," she admitted before looking down at her paws. "H-Honey's really good so who wouldn't?" she meowed, Her ears twitched as she started to listen more carefully when she heard Grinny's name. Of course he was an outcast, he didn't fit in with any of the other shadows and it was obvious, he wasn't alone though, she liked to call herself and outcast from everyone. Her eyes widened and her eyes formed into slits as her fur rose. Her sharp claws were now unsheathed and she wanted to cry and scream at the words he had told her. "No..." she growled..."If they kill my mother, they will never, ever gain my loyalty.." she hissed, feeling tears starting to form in her eyes, "I'll make sure my mother dies a peaceful death when it's her time, she will not be killed by a fox!"

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm soon looked back over in Wyvernpaw's direction, noticing a she-cat with him and thinking nothing of it until he realized it was Frecklepaw. His eyes narrowed as he stood up, deciding he would definetly not be messing with them today. He wandered off towards the bushes before he scented someone familiar and changed his direction a bit, soon finding a beautiful, spotted she-cat laying there. "Hey Spotpaw." he greeted, smiling a bit.

<rainbowkitty202> "Yeah... Rain sucks.." Wishpaw said, shivering slightly before she fluffed her fur and shook it gently so no water would fling onto Bloodpaw. "I am glad i am not the only one who isn't to fond of rain. It always makes me cold.." She admitted, begining to lay down and lick her fur and grooming it. "But rain is helpful, it waters the plants~" She said, her tone rather soft and wise.

* MadiLoves "That's not how it works, Frecklepaw. You don't choose to be loyal to them, they 'sacrafice' things in your life to make you more depressed and more 'dark', that's how they suck you in, the more depressed you become, the stronger their presence becomes, you can leave the darkness, but the only cat I know who has is my uncle Dragonsong, your mother needs to know about the Shadows in order to protect herself, because when she sees that fox, she'll know to escape as fast as she possibly can," the idigo eyed apprentice looked intensely at Frecklepaw, "I told my father this, by the way, he likes Wolfleap, and he wants to know as soon as you become a warrior so he can convince Froststar to take care of her until the coast is clear. I don't know why he likes her so much. maybe because she's the only cat in FuryClan who ever stood up to him."

<KamiLia-Blossom> spotpaw woke slowly when hearing her name being called. carefully she stretched her paws infront of her."Yes? thats my name.." she looked up, seeing basilstorm. "Basil! Fu-" out of complete surprise the younger cat jerked her hind legs, bring immense pain to her belly. 'fucking dammit no." she quickly gathered herself so the cat in front of her wouldn't notice. "hey, Basil. fancy seeing you here. "

<hail19> Tears slowly rolled down her face as she shot him a look of hate, "You don't think I know that?" She hissed, digging her claws into the ground, "I know what they do to cats like me! Don't take me as a fool!" She felt the anger burning inside of her and all her hate finally being released to the shadows all except one shadowy figure. "Even if I were to try and run away, I'll be caught in their web once more and I will be continue to trapped in those webs no matter how much I run," she murmured. "Wolfleap already knows about the shadows, but she chooses to ignore them because she knows if she's caught in their web, she'll be stuck in it forever, that's why she worries about me so much and thats why I worry about her.." Frecklepaw slowly started to shake her head as tears rolled down her face, "I can't loose her, she's the only piece of family I have left.."

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw, saying goodbye to the swiftclanner after he said he had to go, then the lonely feeling started to come again. She didn't have anyone to talk to. Sighing, Wishpaw looked around and then spotted a apprentice and warrior talking. Being sick of being alone, the small she-cat then got up and padded away from the shelter and towards the two cats talking. She was about to say hello till she slipped and tumbled to the ground and slid between the two cat. FUCKING SHIT OH NO NO NO NO NO FUCK!!!! Wishpaw thought with shock before she stopped sliding on the ground and she floped in the mud. FUCK YOU RAIN, FUCK YOU MUD. Wishpaw thought with fury. It was a new record that she had fallen so much in one day.

* MadiLoves "Well don't get angry it just makes it easier for them to slither into your head," the FuryClan apprentice chuckled, patting her head calmly and shifting closer to her, "I haven't told my dad yet, but I can't be infected, I'm immune to both Shadows and Shines, he says I sacrificed my sanity to them but I'm completely sane, that's my gift, you know maybe there's some way I could order the Shines to protect your mother or something, I feel completely helpless because I'm told everything but there isn't much I can do, but you know, the darkness can't come near me, I mean they individually can but- it's hard to explain, if you became a warrior, maybe I could convince my dad to send me into UmbreClan with Froststar's permission to protect your mother. I'm sure Phoenixstar would let me!," he looked back to her, when he noticed she was crying he attempted to nudge her affectionately to calm her down, "Trust me, I'm sure there's some way we can keep her safe, I know how it feels to lose your mother... twice," he chuckled nervously as he tried to comfort the other apprentice.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm sat beside her, not missing the twist of pain that went over her face as she suddenly moved. "Don't look so surprised.." he said sarcastically, nudging her shoulder. "Are you alright? You didn't look so good a second a-" he was cut off as some crazy she-cat slid between them and away from them, shifting some mud onto each of them and making the tom frown. "Well.. that was odd." he muttered, looking back at her with a raised brow. "Are you alright too?" he asked after her.

<hail19> "Let them, I don't care anymore, I'm already caught in their spider webs," she hissed, trying to calm herself down which was basically impossible at this point. She took deep breaths and kept telling herself in her mind: In and out, just breath..,Freckle paw blinked a few times to get the tears out of her eyes so it didn't look like she was crying. Her gaze lifted up to look at the apprentice who kept on warning her about everything and told her how he could help her and her mother. "Then try, I want to protect Wolfleap any way possible," she replied, a bit strictly, letting him know that she was serious about keeping her mother alive. She looked around and let her fur finally lie flat, "Since you're able to see the Shadows and Shines..a-are you able to see m-my..." She murmured before choking out her brothers name, "Are you able to see Onyxkit...?" she murmured quietly.

<KamiLia-Blossom> Spotpaw didnt get you reply. You know, with a cat sliding in the mud in front of you its kinda hard to ignore that. Quickly, she stood up, trying so hard not to limp. the spotted cat picked up the tiny cat from the mud. she was so much smaller than her it was easy to drag her under the bushes. the wet ground help get rid of the mud that she seemed to cringe over. spotpaw place her beside Basilstorm and sat on the other side of her. 'k now he could have someone to talk too.' she sighed.

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw lightened his expression in a soft and caring manor, "Onyxpaw is in StarClan, I've met him, he's happy where he is. StarClan is a much better place then life. He believes if he hadn't died you'd still be in FuryClan, imagine the cat of cat you would have become, imagine you would have been looking up to my father instead of dreading him," he seemed to be petting her shoulder now, trying to calm her down. He went siletn for a moment or two before continuing, "I'm sure I could have my father convince Froststar that letting me protect your mother for the time being until the Shadows backed down, they can't hurt me, so if I'm protecting her, they have no choice but to give in," Wyvernpaw assured Frecklepaw, who he seemed to rather like at this point.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw coughed violently, spitting out some mud. Aw fuck it was in my mouth!! Wishpaw thought. Her coughing continued before she managed to get all the mud out of her mouth. Finding herself next to someone, Wishpaw turned her head and saw the two cats she had slide between. "Oh starclan, i am so sorry about that! I didn't mean to get mud on you both!" She said, guilty about what she did. "I am not the most graceful cat.." She muttered, trying hard to not go into a coughing fit again. She tried to sit up again but she was to tired to even sit herself down so she just stayed where she was.

<hail19> "I-I'm glad..." she murmured, a small smile slowly being carved into her face. It has been a long long time since she last smiled, knowing that her brother was alright made her happy and now knew that she didn't have to worry about him anymore, but she still had her mother to worry about. "If he never died, I would be much happier, I would be like my mother, kind and happy, I'd be friends with the Shines, like her.." she murmured, but sadly that path had vanished long ago and she could never head onto the road, ever. There was only one road she could choose in life out of so many, and this was the one she chose. "A-Alright.. I know they're other apprentices here..I can hear them talking, should we go over to them, it's a bit lonely when we're just by ourselves.."

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw smiled and nodded silently, "Alright, I'm glad I told you, your mother is a strong cat, I can see it in you," he meowed, standing with her, the tom gave her a swift lick on the head before turning away to trail off to the other cats, "What's up over here!" he meowed, looking at Basilstorm with a smile, then to Wishpaw, also- with a smile, but a more suggestive look to him.

<hail19> The apprentice stood up and stretched a bit, letting Wyvernpaw go ahead of her. There was a part of her that wanted to follow him to meet up with the other apprentices, but then a part of her that wanted to stay by herself and just watch, She shook her head and finally let her paws drag her towards the four apprentices, now making it five as she tagged along. Like most cats would when they met up with others, they would greet each other, but Frecklepaw never did, she kept her muzzle shut.

<KamiLia-Blossom> Spotpaw sighed, " may I ask ur name, kid?" she nudged wishpaw lightly, trying to get her up. when that didnt work she grabbed the smaller cat by the scuff. bringing her to stand. spotpaw made sure to lwan next to her so she could keep balance. "you okay, look like you got beat with something?" she really shouldnt be one to talk being the one limping here.

<rainbowkitty202> "I-I'm Wishpaw." Wishpaw introduced herself, feeling the apprentice nudge her. And then felt a pair of jaws gently grab her scruff and soon, Wishpaw found herself on her paws again. Her legs slightly shaked but not enough to make the small she-cat fall again. "Thanks." Wishpaw said to the apprentice, a smile of thanks on her face. Thats when she heard the familiar voice of wyvernpaw and she turned, and to her surprise, it was Wyvernpaw. "Hey~" She greeted, forcing a smile to try and hide the guilt that still lingered from when she had got the warrior and apprentice muddy from her fall.

* MadiLoves "You look like a mess, you should swim through the river on your way back to camp to get the mud out of your fur so my dad don't ask what fox trap you got stuck in," the young tom laughed as he roughly pat her head playfully. Looking to Spotpaw, he didn't recognize this cat, and smiled handsomely at her, his fur was still sticking to his frame, so he hoped he looked good as he dipped his head, "Hey, Wyvernpaw... Spotpaw, right?" he said as the Shadows whispered her name in his ears.

<RPmasterX> So basil will represent the real me... that is, being squished under pretty much any partner -.- )) Basilstorm stayed by the apprentice's other side, finding it cute how Spotpaw mothered over her for a moment to keep her standing. His gaze then went to Wyvernpaw who came over and he couldn't help smiling. "Hey Wyvernpaw, how have you been?" he asked, noticing that Frecklepaw was trailing behind him and feeling annoyed as he left someone else to speak with her. He didn't like the vibe coming from her at all, even if her scent reminded him of Sharpsoul.

<KamiLia-Blossom> spotpaw nodded, something about this tom made her feel strange. Like I knife was slowly breaking her skin. that feeling only happens to her with maximus though.. wierd. "nice to meet you." she purred to wyvernpaw, quickly flicking her ear to find the large cats presence amywhere. she could tell he was near, but not beside her like he normally would. was he hiding from something. whatever.. spotpaw looked over to basilpaw , "you to know each other well?"

<rainbowkitty202> "Pffft, thanks for being supportive Wyvernpaw~" Wishpaw said, playfully batting at the larger tom. "Wow, Wyvernpaw, you are almost as big as a warrior! Thats really awesome!" Wishpaw said, taling notice of his height. "It won't be long till you are a warrior~" She said with a grin, trying to brush some dried mud off her pelt even though it didn't at all work. Fucking mud.... I hate you mud... She grumbled to herself.

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw turned to looked at Basilstorm, the grey and white apprentice beamed happily to the other before replying to Wishpaw with a swift, "Naw I still got like another three moons to go or so, I'm just big like my dad," Wyvernpaw shrugged before returning his gaze to the tortoiseshell next to him, the FuryClan apprentice nudged Basilstorm playfully, "Hey man! How have you been."

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm let his tail waggle when Wyvernpaw beamed at him and he nudged the apprentice back playfully in return. "I've been alright - drama happening, people fighting, clan stuff.." he shrugged a bit, but kept smiling up at him brightly. "Ya didn't answer, how have you been since we talked?" he asked, ear flicking as he almost completely missed Spotpaw asking him about the Furyclanner. "Yeah, we know each other. We've met up a couple times." he replied, mostly still focused on the tom.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw perked her ears and listened to what the warrior just said. "Oh! Where are my manners? I didn't get to catch your name~" She said, flickering her pale gaze towards the calico tom. He did look familiar, maybe she saw him while she was on a patrol? Wishpaw began to think why she thought he looked familiar. The cream and black dappled she-cat finally managed to stop her legs from shaking to much and she kept her gaze back to the tom.

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw could see a look in the other cat's eyes, he liked Basilstorm a lot. The other SwiftClanner was pretty neutral, however Shines preferred him more then Shadows, "I'm been really good actually! The Shado- I overheard my father talking about my warrior name, he wants to name me Wyvernfire after my mother Echofire, he says he's worried I might not like it because I don't like my mother, but Wyvernfire sounds pretty badass to me," he laughed to a nod.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm perked up at that a bit, liking the name as well. "Yeah, it sounds really cool. Good thing you don't have to wait too long for it to be your official name." he said, thinking it was awesome Wyvernpaw could be a warrior like him, even in a different Clan. The calico didn't suspect him of knowing more than he was supposed to, but if he could hear Wyvernpaw's thoughts on Shines preferring him to Shadows, well he'd have a much easier time carrying on lately, and probably wouldn't be getting into so many fights either.

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw's expression changed as he saw a dark and grotesque looking she-cat staring distantly at Basilstorm, a few Shadow voices all at once told him she was Basilstorm's mother, and she was a Dark Forester. He'd seen her before in the Dark Forest. Luckily for the SwiftClanner, Spirits can't come too close to Wyvernpaw or they begin to burn up, a lovely gift given to him by StarClan, that was of course, unless he 'turned it off', which he only ever did when he wanted to talk to his grandmother's spirit. He cringed a bit but realized Basilstorm might not know why he was cringing, "Hey do you know a cat named Hazepaw?" he inquired abruptly to the munchkin tom.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm noticed him cringing and smiled a bit less, but once Wyvernpaw said his mother's name, it dropped completely. The look on his face was something of surprise and a bit of panic, looking up at him. "Yes, I do. Why?" he asked, wanting to know what Wyvernpaw knew of her and what he was asking for. The tom didn't think of anyone from the Dark Forest or StarClan coming near him during the day, just at night when he was vulnerable.

MadiLoves "Just a hunch," he chuckled nervously, looking away to something else, he blinked a few times to flush out the Shadows and Shines, but no matter how many times he blinked, the spirits would never go away, one disadvantage to his incredible abilities. He glared beyond Basilstorm to the dark she-cat as if to threaten her, suddenly he shifted closer to Basilstorm and wrapped his tail around the SwiftClanner protectively, he relaxed and stopped tensing, he could feel the other's seemingly dry fur brushing him. Wyvernpaw sighed, looking to Frecklepaw with a look of helplessness.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm noticed the other looking passed him and was about to look back as well, but then Wyvernpaw got closer to him and he started blushing again, lightly curling his tail against Wyvern's. He didn't wanna be too obvious or anything, but if the other was acting like this then he wouldn't exactly say 'no'. He felt a set of eyes on him soon though they were in front of him, instead of behind, and he looked around for anything that could be watching him. He noticed his sister settled under the Highrock where he had been earlier, smiling knowingly at the warrior as he laid with his crush, and he tried to mentally tell her 'your dead if you speak of this later'.

<hail19> While everybody was chatting among themselves the sneaky apprenticed had slipped away and tossed herself to the side. She had been laying beneath the shadows for awhile now and nobody has seemed to notice her which she was alright with. Her emotionless gaze traveled around the gathering island, now realizing how empty it got. So many cats were here before but they were all cowards and went back home to seek shelter from the drizzle. Thankfully the rain had stopped awhile ago and they were the remaining ones left. Frecklepaw sighed and rested her head on her paws, starting to think about what Wyvernpaw had told her.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw then noticed how protective wyvernpaw is over Basilstorm and she hid a smile on her face, seeing it was so adorable and she thought Basilstorm's reaction was so damn cute. I better not look at them too much, i don't want them to feel uncomfortable.. She thought before flicking her pale blue gaze towards the other apprentice that came with Wyvernpaw. Feeling the need to talk to her, Wishpaw got up but then, she slipped once more and into the mud. Are you fucking kidding!?!? Wishpaw thought before she dragged herself over to the other apprentice. "Hi." She greeted her, giving her a tired yet friendly smile.

<KamiLia-Blossom> "What cute boyfriends. I really hope they dont fuck here.. " Spotpaw limped out to the clearing. not wanting to bother her friend and hes lovers private time. A smile crept her face as she began to hum, the melody falling well off her lips. her legs started to feel better to where she stopped limping. She noticed frecklepaw in the bushes asside from her and wondered if she should go talk to her.

<MadiLoves> Wyvernpaw also noticed the other cat, he narrowed his eyes, why were so many spirits surrounding Basilstorm? Why all of them Dark Foresters. But now that he recognized the other, she was one of the few cats who thoroughly avoided his grandfather, so he guessed she meant no harm. There wasn't even any Shadows to her aura, why would a Shadow-less cat be in the Dark Forest? He didn't know, and it bothered him, he hated not knowing things, he did everything perfectly because he knew everything, even in training and hunting. Wyvernpaw hated having questions, and he didn't stop from trying to get an answer either, "You can see her?" the FuryClan apprentice said abruptly, turning his gaze to Basilstorm. But then his attention drifted to Spotpaw, who had an awful looked wretched thing following her and she didn't even realize it, this unknown tom paused to look at Wyvernpaw for a second, before continuing to follow the SwiftClan apprentice.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm was still having a mental eye-contact-conversation with his sister, one with her wiggling her eyebrows a lot at them being so close to each other, before Wyvernpaw got his attention again. "Y-Yeah, I can. That's my sister, Smokey.." he told him, thinking that if he could see her, then he ought to know she wasn't something bad or scary. She didn't even look threatening though, still the small, pretty cat she was when she died so long ago. Though now a bit older and stronger than before.. He looked up at Wyvernpaw's violet eyes, curious. "But, how can you see her?" he asked, wanting to know if she had began talking to him without the calico knowing. I swear, if she says stupid about me to him, she will die a second time... Or I'll throw her into the mist wall again. She freaked out pretty well the first time..

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw sighed and went silent for a few moments, "I can see a lot of things you can't, Basilstorm, I didn't want to tell you because I mean- I'm a freak, aha," he chuckled softly before looking over to Hazepaw once again, "You can't see her right now, but your mother Hazepaw is over there staring at you, do you know what she is?" he asked the SwiftClan tom, looking back intensely into Basilstorm's bright green eyes.

<RPmasterX> "You're not a freak." Basilstorm said firmly, then got quiet again when he noticed he probably said that too quickly. Whatever, his self-esteem over your feelings. Just ignore them.. he thought to himself, focusing on the other tom now. His gaze flickered to where Wyvern was looking and all he was was bushes and greenery, not the dark figure he knew and almost hated. "Yes, I know. She's in the Dark Forest." he replied, shaking his head a bit as he leaned on Wyvernpaw. "Smokey is too, but she isn't bad, I swear." the calico Swiftclanner mewed.

<KamiLia-Blossom> the hum of the rythem slowing started to form words. "Beware the stare of mary shaw. She has no childeren, only her dolls~" spotpaw continued to work her leg until the pain pain was away. in relief, she sat down properly, scratching her fluffy head, "If you see her in you dreams. Be sure you never, ever scream."
The large cat loomed over the apprentice, excited to here more songs. He sight went to wyvernpaw, cuasing him to grin even more. The cat interested him. but I never sang, how sad.

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw continued to look at Basilstorm and nodded slowly, as if he was distracted by the other tom's eyes. He was silent for a moment, it wasn't awkward, more odd. that was until he abruptly snuggled Basilstorm, almost strong enough to knock the other tom over, "I think your shortness makes you have kitten fluff, your fur is so soft!" he meowed before he nipped playfully on Basilstorm's ear and tried to push him over again.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm slowly started blushing when the tom began looking in his eyes, making him nervous despite not showing it in his eyes. Then he let out a small squeak of surprise when Wyvernpaw snuggled him, cheeks turning a bright red at the comment as well. "I-I'm not- It doesn't-" Basilstorm stopped trying to speak, seeing as he got too flustered for sentences around the other anyway. He allowed Wyvernpaw to push him over, naturally curling into himself though and guarding his underbelly with his large, just as fluffy tail. He watched Wyvernpaw in embarrassment but just kept blushing and glanced over to check if Smokey was still watching them or not.

* MadiLoves The larger tom fell on Basilstorm and let out a loud 'OOPH' when he landed. He stood up and stared at the other tom, embarrassed as he was now- kind of pinning Basilstorm, "Shit, dicks, sorry," he said, tyring to pull himself up only to trip again and pull himself up- again, 'WOW SMOOTH YOU BALL OF ASS', he insulted himself in his mind, he layed next to Basilstorm, refusing to look at the other as he was worried his boiling skin would show through his white fur, he didn't want to seem like he was blushing- even though he was. It was too feminine for the flirty tom.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm jumped slightly from the surprise of having the other tom actually on him, face flushing to a very deep shade of crimson as he laid there in his awkward position. "I-It's alright." he said, flipping over quickly once the other was standing enough for him to. He glanced up at Wyvern for a moment and got worried when he wasn't looking at him, forcing himself to calm down as he now took the initiative of curling his tail slightly around the other tom's and rested his muzzle against his shoulder, looking at his paws since he couldn't look Wyvern in the eyes either at the moment.

<KamiLia-Blossom> tiniest hints of anger glowed in her eyes. it was so small it was if she was trying to force herself. hissing as maximus bit her tail. " U ass, no!" it was then spotpaw noticed wishpaw in front of her. "oh, ya I dond mind at all. I dont own the ground after all!" she stuttered at her words. tryin to seem conposed.

* MadiLoves The FuryClan apprentice silent flicked his eyes, the Shadows were whispering lots of things about Basilstorm he didn't care about, one with the appearance of a badger settled not to far in front of him, laying down and putting it's head on it's paws, it sounded like a female Shadow, which was rather rare since Shadows were apparently those who died in the 'hell' version of their afterlife, so for the clans it was the Dark Forest. She smiled calmly at Wyvernpaw and spoke, saying bluntly and humurously 'Oh that tom really likes you, ya'know, you're so much like your grandfather sometimes, well-- in a good way, you're not an ass' she snickered, Wyvernpaw actually grinned and scoffed at her comment. He turned his head to see Spotpaw who'd shouted, he could see the strange unknown tom harming her, he knew if he stepped over there, this cat would have no choice to step back or he'd face extremely vigorous pain. But the FuryClan apprentice chose to ignore it, turning his head to see Basilstorm instead, he bent his head in a way so he could lick the other tom's forehead affectionately, he liked Basilstorm, and according to the Shadows, Dovedreamer really liked Wyvernpaw himself, he didn't really care, the more the merrier.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm turned his attention to Spotpaw when she suddenly yelled, but not seeing anything around her to cause it, he thought maybe she'd just stepped in some more mud, perhaps? He didn't know and when the tom licked him affectionately, he stopped wondering, just resting against him once more with a purr. He couldn't believe how quickly he turned into putty under this tom's paws but it was calming to relax like this with him, so he didn't think too much for once either. It was also nice laying with someone who could see his family too, even if to his eyes they weren't there anymore. Basilstorm took a deep breath before curling his tail more firmly around Wyvernpaw's and watching the little apprentice and his friend interact. It looked silly to him with - her name was Wishpaw correct? - the littler apprentice sounding so mature about things. He looked ahead to where the badger would have been, if he was able to see it, and instead saw some flowers that looked like they weren't doing so well. "That's odd. It's been nice weather lately. Wonder what's making them die?" he muttered, having no clue a Shadow was laying right on them, more likely than not the cause for it.

<rainbowkitty202> Wishpaw blinked. "Are you okay??" She asked, worried for the older apprentice. "Are you hurt?" She asked, looking at the she-cat for any wounds of sorts. She didn't have any wounds except.... Her tail looked like it had been in someones mouth. "What happened to your tail??" She asked, confused and worried as she sat down next to the spotted apprentice. "Oh, sorry for sounding nosy, you don't have to answer those questions if you don't to." She quickly added, trying not to make Spotpaw uncomfortable and Wishpaw glanced away.

* MadiLoves The young tom shifted to curl his paws underneath him, yawning a long young the sun was out for the first time in the while, and to two toms lay in the shade, which was rather nice, the mud was beginning to dry up, and the grass seemed more dewy then drenched. But it was sunset, and Wyvernpaw had been here all day instead of doing duties. Not that he cared, his father was more busy fucking his uncle then paying attention to his slowly-developing-into-gay son. He rested his head on Basilstorm's paws, yawning a long and soft yawn before closing his eyes and dozing off, this was nice, his damp fur was warming up, and the sky was a purplish pink.

<RPmasterX> Basilstorm looked up when he noticed it was getting brighter, smiling lightly at the sun and letting Wyvernpaw rest on him. He hadn't even realized that it had gotten so late, but he had been on dawn patrol that morning and caught a hare as well, so it was fine for him to be gone. He did his part and now he could relax. He looked down at the white and gray spotted-tabby with a slightly bashful smile before he simply licked the other tom's forehead, then rasped his tongue over Wyvern's ear comfortingly, letting him sleep as long as he wanted for now. Of course, they were still on the gathering island, the place his 'girlfriend' always came to meet up with him at, but as long as she stayed back at her camp that night, they would be just fine until they woke up again. He smiled and rested his head on Wyvern's shoulder again, closing his own eyes contently.

<KamiLia-Blossom> Even though not alive, he still jumped loud enough so the mortals can here his footsteps. each sounding louder the closer it got to the sleeping cats. His entire body was on fire. It was like being in the cages and, not that it stopped. the pain only added to the excitement. the tom kept walking until he was right on top of wyvernpaw. //Can u sing???//
four sharps claws traveled on his backside. making the cat move in his sleep. he really wanted to see blood o his pelt. just a little. //Can you sing??//

* MadiLoves Wyvernpaw abruptly raised his head as Basilstorm rested, he glared at the unknown tom, unfortunately for this stranger, Wyvernpaw was completely immune to spirit's touch, this would cause the ghost's paw to simply fall right through Wyvernpaw uselessly, a little scoff came from him as he rested his head back on the SwiftClanner's paws, turning his spiritual hearing to completely muted, he wrapped his tail tightly around Basilstorm's, the tortoiseshell tom couldn't see what Wyvernpaw could see, he couldn't see all these horrible things, and the FuryClan apprentice was thankful. The light soon faded to dark, and the two remained sleeping peacefully.
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